The year 2022: Overview and Prospects for the year 2023

The year 2022: Overview and Prospects for the year 2023

What a year it was ! As I draw the curtains of the year, 2022. I would like to recount how my year panned out. The year's first quarter didn't set out as I had envisaged it would. I was constantly struggling to kick off the year but I had lots of unfinished business from the previous year, could with more recent disappointments and setbacks. Generally, there was nothing exciting happening, I was sad, angry, and sulked a great deal. I had to strategize and get myself out of my predicament, so I licked my wounds and celebrated my very little wins. Making a list/prospect helped me get my life on track, and it was easier to go back to the drawing board whenever I felt lost or out of place, that has been sorted, and I dived into my 2022.

I would like to note that the year's first quarter wasn't great because I had no plans underway. The second quarter was better defined, and exciting and I was gladly testing new waters with both feet. I was able to achieve quite a handful of things, and also make up for all the lost time. Since I was already taking charge of my year, I was willing to try out new pathways, and then came the third quarter of the year, 2022.

There were unfinished business from the previous year, so I had to sort them out this year. I heard of the Ada Tech Internship and I joined even when I wasn't totally prepared for to transit into tech. My tech career path was overwhelming for me, having to combine it with family, running a business, and also my internship program as a Dental Technologist. I felt like bailing out at some point but for the amazing facilitators who were pouring in their wealth of knowledge to ensure they gave us their best and the awesome people I met during the course of the program.

The year 2022, was challenging, tough, memorable, overwhelming, adventurous, and rewarding. Stepping out of my comfort zone and delving into tech was a step in the right direction and this happens to be the highlight of my year.

Moving forward, my plans for the year2023 have been written, and reviewed and are gradually being implemented. Here are a few things :

I would be working on them, and I'm writing them here as a reminder and to hold myself accountable;

• I would be more intentional.

• I would fight all forms of procrastination.

• I would work on striking a balance by going out more and interacting more with people

• I would plan on traveling more and seeing the world only with a travel buddy.

• I would finish up my mobile dev career path and secure a job.

• I would create more alone time for myself and eat healthier food

• I would work on achieving a healthier lifestyle by exercising, communicating better, and having more therapeutic sessions for my mental health and growth.

In 2023, I would revisit these prospects and hold myself accountable. I look forward to adjusting and adding more plans over time. Cheers to the new year! Let's do this again and be better while at it.