My Experience: Collaborative Task For Team Legend (Wildfire, Design Sprint).

My Experience: Collaborative Task For Team Legend (Wildfire, Design Sprint).

The aim of this report is to give an insight of what was done during the course of the design sprint with my team members. We resulted to solve a lifestyle problem faced by most young people who find it hard to make friends not to talk of find love by deciding to create a dating App or website called HeartString.

Heartstring Dating App is a web-based application that allows users to mingle, find love, form friendships, and maintain a great social lifestyle.

Features of HeartString

  • Profile creation: It allows users to be able to create a detailed profile, including information about their age, location, interests, and preferences for a potential match.

  • Matching Algorithm: The application will provide project management tools such as Hootsuite, Airtable, Zoho creator which can be used to store, organize user profile and preferences, for use in matchmaking algorithms.

  • Messaging: Users would be able to send and receive messages with their matches within the app.

  • User blocking: Users would have the ability to block other users who are abusive or inappropriate.

  • Privacy controls: The app would offer various privacy controls, such as the ability to hide a profile or limit who can see certain information.

  • In-app purchases: The app may offer premium features or services that can be purchased within the app.

  • User feedback and support: The app would provide a way for users to give feedback or report issues, and should offer support to address any problems or concerns.

    My contributions towards the project were,

  • I co- author the technical requirements for the dating app

  • I help in the deployment of the API.

  • I also wrote codes for our mobile app although it didn't come together due to bugs and the time frame was little.

  • I also followed up on my fellow team members to be sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do.

Lessons learnt from the project

  1. Everyone will not put the same amount of energy you bring to the table, this I learnt in the hard way cos most of the people I have worked with are serious minded people but this particular project exposed me to working with people that are not so serious.

  2. Scheduling and proper time management can never be over emphasized, we had plenty challenges that were bothered by poor time management, and it was difficult to have everyone available at the same time. As much as we tried to navigate through this challenge, it was very difficult but I have been able to understand how to proper time management and scheduling can be useful in the next collaborative task.

  3. Procrastination played a fast one on my team and me. We submitted most of our projects in the nick of time or empty. Our productivity, stress levels, anxiety, and guilt would have been avoided if we do task as they are given.

On a final note I really wanted us to have a working product but that was not the case at the end of the design sprint but am hoping that I will do better in my next collaborative project.