How To Start A Tech Career Using ADA Tech Internship Program

How To Start A Tech Career Using ADA Tech Internship Program

Technology is everywhere, whether you use it or not. It is used in almost every industry and plays a great role in our life ie the way we live, work, and communicate.

Learning a tech skill today will serve you well in the future because tech is the future, so if you are thinking about learning something new and have been putting it off now is time to take action and I am here to introduce you to the best platform for acquiring that your dream skill ‘The ADA Internship program’.

THE ADA Tech Internship PROGRAM

The ADA program is a tech and creative program which equips young women with employable digital skills to start a career in tech, preparing them and also opening them for all opportunities that is in the tech industry.

The following stacks are what you can chose from if you have intentions of joining the ADA Tech internship program ;

  1. Data science/analyst

  2. Cloud engineering

  3. Frontend

  4. Backend

  5. Project management

  6. Product designer

  7. Mobile App development (Flutter)

ADA internship programs also enhance learner’s capacity to effectively use the internet for personal, educational and research purposes. They not only teach you about your chosen field, they also open you up to the world of technical writing, career development and alot of other things.

ADA internship program also exposes you to real life work experience by creating timed personal and team projects to help you learn how to effectively alone and also as a team within a particular time frame to achieve good results in your chosen field.


  • Follow @enugustatetechhub on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Be on alert or turn on their notifications to be notified when the next cohort will commence.

  • Reach out for inquiries and get necessary info on how to get in.

  • Follow all the necessary instructions

Viola!!!! You are on your way to start a great career.