From Dental Technologist to Flutter Developer

From Dental Technologist to Flutter Developer

A Journey of Skill Transformation

I have always wanted to share how I started my journey in tech from a dental technologist to a mobile app developer (Flutter). This write-up has been sitting in my draft for a very long time, so today I finally decided to let it see the light of day. Without further ado, let's dive right into it.


Transitioning from one career to another requires determination, adaptability, and a passion for learning. In this article, I will share my journey from being a dental technologist to becoming a Flutter developer. Embracing the world of software development allowed me to explore my creativity, leverage my problem-solving skills, and embark on a fulfilling and dynamic career path

  • Discovering a New Passion: As a dental technologist, my work primarily involved crafting dental prosthetics and appliances. While I found satisfaction in my role, I developed a growing interest in the field of technology and its innovation potential. This curiosity led me to join a boot camp last year (the ADA Tech Internship Program under Tabi Academy), where I learned about everything Flutter and Dart.

  • Embracing the Learning Curve: Understanding that a career transition would require new skills, I embarked on a self-learning journey and also attended boot camp. I researched Flutter and its underlying programming language, Dart. Starting with the basics, I delved into online tutorials, courses, and documentation to grasp the full concept of Flutter and Dart.

  • Engaging in Project-Based Learning: Practical application is key to developing proficiency in any field. I began building small Flutter projects during my boot camp days, starting with simple apps and gradually progressing to more complex ones. These projects helped me understand Flutter's UI components, navigation, state management, and integration with APIs.

  • Seeking Guidance and Mentorship: To accelerate my learning and gain insights from experienced developers, I actively engaged with online communities and forums dedicated to Flutter development, where I met amazing humans who are ready to help me grow in this new career by providing me with a supportive network, guidance, and valuable feedback on my projects.

  • Developing a Portfolio: To showcase my newfound skills, I created a portfolio that highlighted the Flutter projects I have worked on personally or through collaborations. This portfolio became an essential asset when applying for Flutter developer roles, as it demonstrated my proficiency and commitment to the field.

  • Networking and Professional Growth: I started attending local meetups, and virtual conferences, also joining online developer communities allowed me to network with Flutter enthusiasts and industry OGs. These connections opened doors to mentorship opportunities, collaborative projects, and job prospects.

  • Transitioning into the Professional Space: Armed with a solid foundation in Flutter development and a portfolio of projects, I started applying for Flutter developer roles. Through tailored resumes and cover letters, I effectively communicated my transferable skills and passion for software development. I sought internships and freelance opportunities to gain practical experience and further refine my skills.

  • Embracing Continuous Learning: The world of technology evolves rapidly, and staying updated is very important for success. I continued with my learning journey by keeping up with the latest trends, attending workshops, and engaging in online courses to enhance my knowledge and skills in Flutter development.


Transitioning from a dental technologist to a Flutter developer has not been an easy one ( I don see shege Promax for this tech), but I can also say it's been an enriching and transformative experience. I have embraced new skills, building a portfolio, networking, and staying committed to continuous learning which is the hardest part, self-learning makes me feel like the only one learning Flutter in the whole wide world. I have successfully leapt into a dynamic and fulfilling career in software development. My journey is a testament to the fact that with determination, perseverance, and a passion for learning, anyone can make a successful career transition into the field of technology.