Experience Gotten From My First Collaborative Project.

Experience Gotten From My First Collaborative Project.

I play the role of the product owner

As the product owner, I created codes and made sure they worked.I also maintain the product backlog and ensure the entire team understands the overall vision for the product. I also compiled the codes for tic-tac-toe and made sure they were free from errors.

I helped to create a logic that displays our start-up (DARTON), a welcome message, an access code, and also a menu that comes up when one wants to use our product, which is the Darton Game Hub.

Also assisted with contributing to the hangman game code then we pushed it to Github then merged it to the tic tac code.

MY EXPERIENCE : This is my very first group project since I started my tech journey with the ADA Tech Internship. It was an exciting, interesting, and stressful week for me because we had issues with our codes and also had to create the required logic for the codes to run smoothly. But, through it all, I learned how to work as a team and be patient with my team members because one of them failed to show up on time.

What Our Project Is About

Darton is a gaming startup that helps to provide bored programmers with the opportunity to play simple, fun games on their terminals while waiting for their bugs to magically disappear.

The game hub has two gaming options.

1. Modified Hangman Game (single player)

2. Tic tac toe (2 players)

When the terminal loads, the players will be asked to provide an access code.

If the access code is correct, they can choose the game they want to play. Gamers' names, ages, and occupations will be requested before they start to play the game.